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Where can I buy a Tikka rifle or Sako ammunition?

Tikka rifles and Sako cartridges can only be purchased from a licensed dealer. Please contact the distributor ( of your country to get the contact information of your local Tikka dealer

Where could I get a Tikka cap, T-shirt or some stickers?

Please contact your distributor ( Some promotional  materials are available in the exhibitions Sako / Tikka is presented

How can I find out the manufacturing year of my old Tikka rifle?

Where can I find user’s manual for my Tikka rifle?

What is the rate of twist of my rifle model?

You can find detailed information of your rifle in the product details page

What new models are you designing for next year (I’m seeking for a combination of model & caliber which does not yet exist)?

All novelties are introduced at main events of the year and seen also in our website

I just ordered s new Tikka rifle – what is the delivery schedule?

Please contact your dealer with questions concerning order details like delivery schedule

What is the life span of Sako ammunition?

Sako cartridges are designed and manufactured to be used within 10 years from the date of manufacturing (unless otherwise stated). Old gun powder may create higher pressure inside the cartridge which might lead to cracked case or loose primer

What are the optimal circumstances to storage ammunition?

Cartridges should be stored in stable room temperature (20°C) with normal humidity