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FAQ & Warranty

FAQ & Warranty


I have your Lite Stainless model with black synthetic stock. I was 2 days out on an island, and it was raining. I noticed small brown dots on the barrel. Does the stainless steel rust?

Answer: Yes! It will rust, but very slowly. The martensitic stainless steels that can be used to produce barrels and actions does rust ( oxidise). However the tendency to rust can be very easily prevented by using gun-oil or rust preventives on the metal parts. If we here compare a normal carbon steel that is blued and the stainless, stainless material is much better. Completely stainless or acid proof steels are not used for barrels & actions due to their other poor properties for this type of structures.

Where Tikka rifles are made? Is it a factory?

Tikka rifles are designed and made at Sako Ltd´s rifle factory in Riihimäki, Finland. Before 1988 Tikka rifles were manufactured in Tikkakoski rifle factory in the Central Finland.

Can I buy a Tikka Rifle directly from the factory?

No. These rifles can only be bought from a licensed dealer. Contact the importer/distributor in your country to get the name of your nearest dealer.

What does Tikka Hunter rifle in cal. 7mm Rem.Mag. cost?

We do not give prices from the factory. Please contact your local dealer.

What is the twist rate in 223 Rem. caliber Tikka heavy barrel?

All the twist rates are given in the Tikka specification sheets and datatables. The rate of twist of a Tikka T3 in cal. 223 Rem is 8”.

How accurate is the heavy barrelled Tikka?

A very difficult question, because so many factors have influence to the accuracy. These include: ammunition, scope mounts, scope and the shooter. In 1999 fall British long range bench rest championship was won with a Tikka Continental, cal. 6,5x55. The range was 1000 yards, 10 shots, diameter of all impacts: 4,4".

My Tikka in 270Win. Is a fairly good shooting rifle. However, after shooting about 500 times, the accuracy is not anymore as good as when the gun was new. Has the barrel worn out?

The barrel is made by cold hammer-forging process and special first grade steel has been used. It will not wear out in 500 rounds. However, the reason for apparent poorer accuracy may depend on several factors together or of any of these:

1) Are the action crews tight? In case the 2 screws that bind the barrelled action into the bedding surface of the stock are slackened or loose, the rifle will not shoot accurately. Cure: Tighten these.

2) Have you cleaned the barrel? Heavy metal & powder fouling will cause inaccuracy. Cure: Acquire a good cleaning rod, barrel cleaning chemical and follow the instructions of the manufacturer. After cleaning shoot 2-3 shots and then try how accurate the rifle is.(First 1-2 bullets after cleaning will not normally stay in the group, as the friction inside the bore changes)

3) Are the scope mounts rings well made, were they installed properly Are they possibly loose?

4) How about your riflescope? Is it OK? This should be checked by a professional. If possible, try another scope to see if there is a difference in accuracy.

5) Poor ammo. Are you using the same ammunition as before? There are significant differences in loads of manufacturers. In case of reloaded ammo, you may have used a load that does not shoot well in that particular rifle.

6) This is the worst alternative! Are you capable of producing the same small groups as you used to shoot?

For information about Tikka products, their prices and availability, please contact your local Tikka dealer or importer.


Tikka rifles have a 2 years guarantee. The rifles are inspected according to the rules of international organisation C.I.P.

The products are guaranteed against possible defects in material or workmanship. In case of defect, please send the gun together with the guarantee card to your local Tikka dealer or importer.