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Tikka T3x TAC

T3x TAC is the ultimate choice for hunters who need a rifle that can handle the same forces that they can.

Compact size, Picatinny rail, vertical grip, wide fore- end, Teflon® bolt and 20” semi-heavy barrel contour make this a reliable precision tool in all circumstances. The T3x TAC rifle is in a class of its own. 


Tikka Rifle special features - Bolt handle

Bolt handle

The modern bolt has two locking lugs in the front, an efficient extractor claw and a spring-loaded ejector plunger for automatic case ejection. The two-stage safety secures both the bolt handle and trigger.

Tikka Rifle special features - Cheek piece

Cheek piece

The cheek peace adjusting wheel can be fitted on either side of the stock. Heavy duty sling swivel studs as well as sling with hook-type swivels available as accessories.

Tikka Rifle special features - Magazine


Color coded 5/6 cartridge magazines for all T3 models make the use of different loads easy to separate. Available as an accessory.


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Tikka worldwide

Tikka rifles are manufactured in Finland, but sold on all continents. Find a distributor near you and experience ultimate accuracy.