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Tikka old models

Tikka old models

All the Tikka and Tikka T3 rifles are created with the greatest respect for hunters, out of best materials. If you take good care of your Tikka rifle, there is no reason why it shouldn’t perform as well after twenty or fifty years later. They really tend to last from father to son. From this section you can find information about the models that are no longer in production.


Tikka Catalogue 2002


Tikka Deluxe
Tikka Master
Tikka Master Pro
Tikka Master Deluxe
Tikka Master Battue Light
Tikka Master Synthetic
Tikka Master All-Weather
Tikka Master SS Lamin.
Tikka Master SS Pro
Tikka Master Continental
Tikka Master Sporter


Tikka Master RH
Tikka Master LH
Tikka Whitetail RH
Tikka Whitetail LH
Tikka Popular RH
Tikka Popular LH
Tikka M658 / 558


Tikka M07
Tikka M55
Tikka M55 Sporter
Tikka M65
Tikka M65 Sporter
Tikka M77
Tikka M77K