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Customize your Tikka rifle to suit your purpose

Enhance your Tikka experience with our wide range of accessories, available in original Tikka accessory bags. Your Tikka rifle has been designed to be adaptable, so you can really make it yours.


By exchanging the pistol grip you can very easily change the looks and the features of your rifle. There are two different models of the pistol grip: Standard and Vertical. The shape of the standard pistol grip follows the ergonomics of a traditional hunting rifle as the vertical one is more upright and it has been designed thinking more about sport shooting.

Some of these pistol grips are available also with soft touch surface. The soft touch coating feels like rubber so it gives a very firm grip and is not slippery with gloves either.


Wider forend grip improves the features of the rifle when you are shooting from a bench, for example. As the pistol grips, the same colors of the forend grips are available with soft touch coating.


With larger bolt knob you get better grip of the bolt and it allows faster movement for reloading if you have big hands or if you are wearing gloves. Available in orange and black.


By adding spacers between the stock and the recoil pad you can adjust the length of pull to fit your rifle perfectly for you.


With a Tikka cleaning kit, you can take good care of your rifle anywhere.
With proper maintenance and cleaning you keep your rifle accurate and add more years to its life span.


Variety of muzzle brakes are available for different barrel contours and muzzle threads in stainless steel, black and cerakote color.


In a soft and protective Tikka gun bag you can carry your rifle safely anywhere you go.


With additional cheek piece you can adjust the stock to fit perfectly for your cheek.
Options are black and orange, fixed and adjustable – depending on your stock model.


Enhance your Tikka experience with colored magazines. With bright orange, red or blue you’ll never lose the magazine to the forest again.


The “Overberget” is assembled from two straps and connected with a buckle. This allows you to quickly tighten the sling against your body if you need to keep your hands free. The construction also forms a loop under the shoulder padding that provides a thumbhole where you can rest your hand while stalking in the woods.

With the “Light Harness” you can easily transform the sling into a harness that will distribute the weight of the gun across both shoulders and makes carrying the gun more balanced and comfortable.

Light Harness also allows muzzle down carrying and it always includes sling swivels.

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