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T1x Hunter

Tikka T1x Hunter
Detail T1x Hunter

The rimfire rifle for any occasion

Tikka T1x Hunter rimfire rifle is specially designed for small game hunting and training. It is the rifle you can grow with – because the perfect shot takes practice, even with the right tools. Created in the image of their bigger sibling, the T3x, T1x Hunter combine unbeatable accuracy in all situations and silence after the shot so those repetitions can be more enjoyable than ever.

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Tikka Rifle special features - Classic Design

Classic Design

A wooden stock with a classic design never goes out of fashion. The traditional stock design ensures good shooting ergonomics. Checkering's guarantee a good grip meaning you can be sure of the shot.

Tikka Rifle special features - Stability without unnecessary weight

Stability without unnecessary weight

Its unique barrel has a cross-over profile, which offers you the benefits and stability of a heavier barrel without noticeably increasing the overall weight.

Tikka Rifle special features - Flush magazine

Flush magazine

The elegant look of the rifle is achieved with a traditional wooden stock and a short magazine that sits flush with the stock. The magazine still has the capacity to take 5 rounds of 22 LR or 6 rounds of 17 HMR

Tikka Rifle special features - Compatible with T3x stocks

Compatible with T3x stocks

T1x Hunter barreled action is compatible with T3x Lite and T3x UPR rifle stocks. The T3x and T1x platform offers versatile opportunities to grow as a shooter and hunter. T1x Hunter stock is specific for T1x action.



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Tikka rifles are manufactured in Finland, but sold on all continents. Find a distributor near you and experience ultimate accuracy.