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Tikka is Second to None

Tikka is Second to None

Tikka rifles are innovative and durable, designed and manufactured for ultimate accuracy and performance in any situation.

Cold hammer forged barrel

All Tikka barrels are cold hammer forged for accuracy and ultimate durability

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Refined bolt action

The silky smooth bolt operation of a Tikka is something that can’t be described, it has to be experienced.

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Precise trigger

A precisely manufactured trigger results in a crisp, clean trigger pull with a fast lock time that improves the accuracy of the rifle.

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Fine-tuned bedding

Flawless bedding is fundamental for true rifle accuracy

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Modular ecosystem

A wide selection of bolt action rifle accessories for ever-changing conditions

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Tikka - Second to None

We aim to make the best rifles in the business, rifles that are more than the sum of their parts. This way we can ensure that the rifles are like you, Second to None. Watch the playlist to know more.

Expert’s point of view: Miikka Tamminen

Miikka Tamminen is the Product Development Manager for Tikka. He has been working with the features of Tikka rifles for years and is definitely one of the reasons why Tikka is Second to None. Check out our video playlist to learn more about different features of Tikka rifles.

Tikka Ambassador: Nate Hosie

Nate Hosie is one of the hosts of Headhunters TV, an American hunting show on The Outdoor Channel. His journey as a hunter began when his father and grandfather took him hunting at the age of six and he hasn’t stopped since. Nate is a well-rounded hunter who's especially known for his second to none turkey calling skills.

Tikka T3x Compact Tactical Rifle

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